Sunset boards + Customization

$ 160.00

These boards have high quality car wrap vinyl on top that was printed on a large format high quality printer. If you would like to request a custom set please contact us.

I have five years experience in custom painting and building corn-boards. I helped to build one of the biggest manufacturers of custom boards in the country but I wasn't happy with where things were going. After taking some time off I've decided to do my own thing. I understand our shop is new on etsy but our goal is to deliver superior customer service and superior products you will not be disappointed being one of our customers. If you don't see the colors you want in our shop or a design you like don't hesitate to contact us and send us your idea. We look forward to a challenge.

You might notice we're slightly cheaper than a lot of people. Well that cheaper price doesn't come from a lower quality product it comes from my five years of experience and efficiency in doing what we do. I have learned more efficient ways of building and painting the boards than most others. We also try to re-use as much material as we can to lower cost and save on environmental impact.

I strive to produce the highest quality product I can. Our motto here is "quality, not quantity." While I strive for perfection sometimes accidents happen. If for any reason you receive your product and are unhappy in any way please contact us and let us so that we may fix the issue.

The boards:

-48x24 Standard Size
-Premium Birch Wood
-Premium 2x4's
-Tops of the boards have car wrap quality and high quality printed images.
-Sides are hand painted
-Polycrylic protective coating to help against some weather and from contact with the bags.

Check out or Process page to see how much hard work goes into each set we make.

The bags:

-6x6 Standard size
- Standard weight 15-16oz filled with whole corn kernels
- Made from high quality duck cloth
- Double stitched for durability
-Hand sewn in our shop

Before you check out you will be required to choose what bag colors you would like with your set.

Please allow 4-5 days turn around time for your order. We ship using FedEx and will provide a tracking number to you the day your order ships. If you would like your order expedited please contact us first.

If you're from Hawaii or Alaska and want to order please contact us first as shipping will be more costly.

Thanks for checking out our products and if you have any questions about our products or even how to paint your own boards feel free to contact us.

-The Team